Why 'Made in Pakistan' should be our priority?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Buying fancy imported products has always fascinated us, hasn't it? We have heard phrases like 'yaar imported cheez hai, khareed lo'. Not only does this attitude hurt the local economy, it demoralizes the local producers, which further reduces the effort made towards improving local products. Thus, it's a two-way sword! We often wonder how the Chinese economy has become a giant in such short time period. It is worthwhile to notice that the secret of Chinese economy is that the country's citizens prefer locally made products. Very few items are imported by the country.

When we buy locally produced items, it indirectly benefits us. This is because the demand of these products increases, which in turn helps us buy them at a cheaper cost as compared to their imported alternatives. Combined with this is the fact that Pakistan's imports are way higher than its exports. In the year 2018, Pakistan's product imports were as high as $61.5 billion, while our exports were at a low of $26.7 billion. In the upcoming years, the government urged the citizens to shun imported products, Subsequently, a positive trend was seen; there was a substantial decline in Pakistan's trade deficit (export-imports gap). This is indeed a great achievement for us Pakistanis. We Pakistanis created this remarkable trend, and only we can carry it further!

'Sucha Sauda - Made in Pakistan' (www.suchasauda.com) is an online store that has recently emerged with a vision of promoting only 'made in Pakistan' products. While some might argue that the quality of Pakistani products is not up to the mark, Sucha Sauda's team is working hard to break this stereotype. The brand aims to provide highest quality products by collaborating with the top quality - struggling vendors of Pakistan. Rather than making bulk profits, it focuses on charging its customers with the minimum possible prices, in order to encourage sales volumes for the local market. Starting with a few products, the brand plans to grow in future by adding a greater number of local products from different regions and cities of Pakistan. While it is true that selecting solely Pakistan-made products might be a challenge, Sucha Sauda believes that there is a lot of potential in the regional products of the country. This is because Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures - every region and every city of the country has to offer a wide range of products that have their own richness attached to them!

Do we really Love Pakistan ? Do we really want to see it as a heaven for our future generations ?

If we really love Pakistan, we need to prove it as a nation through our actions rather than just words. You can apply this by a simple step; whenever you go to a shop next time, try to put some effort in finding the products that are made in Pakistan. It might seem like an insignificant step in the beginning, but it can create a huge wave of demand for our local trade market.

Let's unite together to reduce the burden of imports on our economy by buying 'Made in Pakistan' products. This will not only strengthen the country's economy, but will also empower the local vendors.

The bottom line: A spike in the demand of local products will decrease Pakistan's imports, leading to an increase in the value of Rupee and a decrease in the prices of local products. Pakistan Zindabad <3

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